Brighton Line Rehabilitation, Brooklyn NY

Project: Rehabilitation of Five (5) Stations - Brighton Line, Brooklyn, NY
Date: March 2009 - September 2011
Owner: Metropolitan Transit Authority - New York City Transit
General Contractor: Granite Construction Northeast, Inc.
Steel Fabricators: MC Ironworks, Lehigh Valley, PA
Total Cost of project: $161.4 Million
Tonnage: 675 tons

Description: The project was enormous: rehabilitate five stations - Avenues H, J, M, Kings Highway, and Newkirk - along the Brighton Line in Brooklyn, New York.

And the challenge to MC Ironworks was formidable. All five stations were under construction simultaneously. Project execution within very busy residential areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic presented logistical difficulties, the construction schedule changed frequently and MTA allowed for minimal track closures.

The timing of deliveries of fabricated steel to the site was critical in order to allow for field erection while station operation could continue with only minor interruptions to train service.

Managing these aggressive and fluctuating schedules, MCIW completed the rehab of all five stations on time.

Brighton Line Photos

Brighton Line Rehabilitation

Brighton Lattice Framing

Brighton New Canopy

Brighton Platform

Brighton Station